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It is referred to as International General Certificate course in Occupational health and safety. The certificate awarding body is National Education Board for Occupational Safety and Health , United Kingdom.
NEBOSH IGC is the basic, fundamental course in OH&S it is called a level 3 course. Applicable to workmen and safety coordinators. For hands on safety works.
NEBOSH International Diploma for professionals at higher levels in the organization for decision making executives. This is also called level 6 course. This has got worldwide importance and enhances the chances of job availability in top organizations.
There are two examinations, including IG1 which is a written test conducted at an examination hall , and IG2 which is a report submission of a prepared risk assessment.
Minimum Pass mark is 45 out of 100 in IG1,and for IG2 it is evaluated as either Pass or refer.
IG2 project, risk assessment guidelines are given to every enrolled candidate. Application of all the fundamental steps to Risk assessment and followed by application of suitable hierarchy of control measures, Will be advised by our institutes tutors.
Project work selection is by the candidate themselves depending on their respective area of expertise. General guidance with NEBOSH rules will be explained. Candidates need to work sincerely without indulging in plagiarism. It should be authentic and original idea solely of the candidates.
If available, that is the best otherwise it is also accepted if not visited.
Yes, Freshers can enroll in the course. Reasonable level of English knowledge is required, to understand what is asked and what answer to be given.
Like any other normal exam, calm mind, ensuring all questions are attempted. Avoid bullets points. Practice more on narrative answers. Give relevant answers based on the question asked.
Normally two hours are provided for paper IG1.With prior permission from the British council an extra half-an-hour is given for using dictionary, for those who find it difficult to follow English [ please check and confirm this].
Tamil medium students with adequate knowledge of English is a must as it is an international certification based in UK for evaluation.
Total 10 days of rigorous training is allotted for enrolled candidates who we register them as batches. We do more than what NEBOSH has recommended.
Yes, daily tests on topics conducted the previous day, then mock exams using past papers for both IG1 and IG2 are conducted.
No practical’s, however case studies are given to clear doubts and solutions explained.
At British council authorized and organized centers.
Approximately the waiting period is about 45 days for the result to be announced from the date of examination and the certificates can be received after 45 days from the date of results announced.
Visit the center check yourself the certification and validity. Search from websites of NEBOSH for Accreditation details.
It is always better to take the help of our institute, faculty and staff , who are ready to help you under any problems.
It is not Possible, registration from an accredited course provider is a must , as it is mandatory to complete the stipulated hours of training by recognized institutes.
  • Total training and guidance is provided
  • Flexible exam registration
  • Lowest fees Pan India
  • Excellent learning environment
NEBOSH basic qualification has become a requirement even for workers at lowest levels in the Gulf. Equipped with qualification It definitely enhances chances of getting job or even retaining the job in gulf.
You can apply for jobs in gulf through our consultancy services or also can apply directly through client interview, red hat safety’s staff will keep you updated about the interview opportunities yet to be happened.
It is Rs15000 per re-sit paper but to be checked for any upward revision.
Better if Higher secondary passed, or inter passed at the minimum irrespective of any specialization. Understanding English is prime importance. The course may beconducted in Tamil to make one understand, remember in the exams, answers have to given in English.

Pass mark - 45%

Credit mark – 65%

Distinction – 70% and above.

Lifelong Validity for individuals who passed the NEBOSH examinations.
It is maximum 3 attempts within 5 years, need to be verified and confirmed.
The procedure for revaluation of a paper can be guided and instructed by the staff in redhat safety training institute.