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All scaffolding inspector should carry out a competent inspection whose combination of knowledge, training and experience is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold.  Also Competence in inspecting a specific type of system scaffold from a manufacturer/supplier.
There is no specific eligibility for the enrollment in a scaffolding inspector course. Besides, any person who is at present a scaffolder and wishes to upgrade to inspector can also enroll in this course.
Yes, a fresher can enroll in this course after completing a professional degree.
The duration for this course is for 3 days which is offered in red hat safety training institute.
The training for scaffold inspection is given for 3 days in the institutes training premises.
Successful candidates after completing the course are eligible to receive the scaffold inspector certification from scaffold training institute, Texas, USA within 45 days after completing the course.
Yes, the certificate is valid for up-to 3 years and after that the candidate has to renew the certificate to remain as a certified inspector.
Yes, a day full of practical training will be provided to ensure the candidates basic competency level is achieved through live demonstration of carrying out a scaffold inspection.
Yes, a fresher can easily get a job as a scaffold inspector with this certification but it also requires prerequisite courses to be completed before.
The fee structure for enrolling in this course is about 15,000 INR (inclusive of all taxes).
Yes, it is an international certificate and it is recognized by all the countries in GULF, Americas, EU, etc.