Master Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental & Risk Management

Occupational Safety Health Environmental and Risk Management Course in Chennai

Occupational Safety Health Environmental and Risk Management Course in Chennai in OHSE , Risk Management Courses are Specially designed Program , under BSS, Promoted by Government Of India.

Master Diploma in OHSE Programs are designed with International standards like OSHA , OHSAS , NFPA, ILO,Occupational Safety Health Environmental and Risk Management Course in Chennai Etc.

OSHA : Occupational Safety and Health Administration (United States)
OHSAS : Occupational health and Safety assessment Series
NFPA : National Fire Protection association ( United States)
ILO : International Labor Organization

Also this Master Diploma in Occupational Health and safety program covers “Indian Government Regulations , Factories act” to ensure the local Compliance.

​Course Overview :

  • MDT-1 International management of health and safety (100 Marks)
  • MDT-2 International control of hazardous agents in the workplace (100 Marks)
  • MDT-3 International workplace and work equipment safety (100 Marks)
  • MDT-4 Safety Management and Communication (100 Marks)
  • MDT-5 Risk Management and Control (100 Marks)
  • MDT-6Fundamentals of Health and Safety Engineering (100 Marks)
  • MDT-7Environmental Planning and Management (100 Marks)
  • MDT-8 Environmental Science & Technology (100 Marks)
  • MDT-9 Environmental Technology for Sustainable Development (100 Marks)
  • MDT-10Environmental Technology and Engineering (100 Marks)

  • MDP-11 MDP- Practical approach of international Health, Safety, Environment and the Risk Management (200 Marks)

The Candidates must clear both theoretical and Practical examinations in order to achieve the Certifications.

Who Can Join for this Course ?

As mentioned earlier, Master Diploma In OHSE and Risk management courses are specialist programme Initiated by National government.
This Course shall be taken by any Professionals , seeking expertise in Health and safety sectors and Looking for Internationally Accredited Course Program.

How Can I Study Master Diploma Programs ?

Master Diploma Programs shall be taken in different modes as per the convenience of candidates.

  • Regular Mode
  • Part time
  • Distance Mode
  • Fast track mode

What’s the Course Fee for Master Diploma in OHSE ?

Red hat safety Training and Consulting provides all health and safety courses in minimal fee , that ensures all the candidates can afford Master Diploma programs.
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Is Master Diploma OHSE Certifications are valid ?

Of course , Master Diploma in Occupational health, safety , environment and risk management courses are directly issued from National development agency and BSS, Promoted by Govt Of India, which is highly valuable to career.

After Successful Completion of this Master Diploma in OHSE Program , the Candidates shall apply for membership in IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management U.K).

The Student shall also apply for Employment Exchange , India Registration and shall also attest the certificates with ministry of External affairs , India for abroad Jobs.

When I can Join ?

The Admissions are Open throughout the year and the students shall join in new batches every month.
The Classes shall be well formulated and the students shall request for examination after the completion of minimum study and class hours.
For More details about Syllabus, Book materials , Minimum class hours , You shall directly visit our Best health and safety training Institute In India now.