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Join Nebosh IDIP To Become a HSE Professionals Get Guidance From Expert

The NEBOSH National Diploma has been recognised for many years as a leading qualification in the field of health and safety in the UK, providing the specialist knowledge and understanding, combined with the application of the expertise required to undertake a career as a Safety and Health Practitioner. The NEBOSH International Diploma will fulfil the same objectives in other countries around the world.

The NEBOSH International Diploma is the qualification for aspiring health and safety professionals building directly upon the foundation of knowledge provided by the NEBOSH International General Certificate. It is designed to provide students with the expertise – wherever in the world they may be working – required to undertake a career as a safety and health practitioner.

Which NEBOSH Course is Best for You :​

​T​he choice of course is depends on number of factors like,

  • Your Basic Qualifications
  • Your years of experience in HSE
  • Your Objectives and Purpose of Choosing Qualifications
  • The Requirement of the Company you are Preferring
  • The Sectors you are willing to work with Etc Etc.

How to Pass NEBOSH IDIP :

​Passing NEBOSH IDIP requires right mentoring and guidance and more than that your selected provider must be accredited with Nebosh course in chennai, in order to ensure the quality of NEBOSH Tutor and book materials.

  • Types of Command words ​Applicable to NEBOSH Courses exams and How to use them wisely
  • Mnemonics that applicable to each, How & where you can apply them
  • Mind Mapping strategy and How to use them to pass NEBOSH IDIP.
  • Techniques and technological option that boosts your understanding with NEBOSH Exams more and more.

Unit IA:

  • Principles of health and safety management.
  • Loss causation and incident investigation.
  • Measuring and reviewing health and safety performance.
  • Identifying hazards, assessing and evaluating risks.
  • Risk Control
  • Organisational factors
  • Human factors
  • Regulating health and safety

Unit IB:

  • Principles of chemical control, toxicology and epidemiology
  • Hazardous substances and other chemicals – assessment of risk
  • Hazardous chemicals – engineering controls and personal protective equipment
  • Monitoring and measuring
  • Biological agents
  • Physical agents 1 – noise and vibration
  • Physical agents 2 – radiation
  • Psycho-social agents
  • Musculoskeletal risks and controls
  • Work environment risks and controls
  • Managing occupational health

Unit IC:

  • General workplace issues
  • Principles of fire and explosion
  • Workplace fire risk assessment
  • Storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances
  • Work equipment (general)
  • Work equipment (workplace machinery)
  • Work equipment (mobile, lifting and access)
  • Electrical safety
  • Construction hazards and controls
  • Workplace transport and driving for work
  • Pressure system hazards and controls

Unit ID:

  • Application of international health and safety theory and practice

What Redhat Safety Offers?

  • 30 days classroom training
  • Exclusive Redhat Safety Learning App
  • Use App to learn on the go
  • Access Learning materials, exam sample papers,homework using App post your doubts to tutors using App
  • Only Nebosh Approved Tutors
  • Takeaway homework for daily topic revisions
  • On the spot test
  • Exam Preparation - 3 Modal Exams
  • Exam Preparation - 2 Quizzes
  • Exam Preparation - 3 Unit Tests
  • HSE Community Exchange -
    join our FB groups to stay updated & join whatsapp groups for information exchage
  • RRC Study Materials
  • Unlimited Coaching for candidate referrals

Redhatsafety FAQs:

Qualification Parchments and Unit Certificates are issued generally within result declaration of 2 calendar months as stated on Result Notification letter. One month window is included, where EARs (Enquiries About Results) could be made. With regards to unitised examinations of NEBOSH international diploma, students are provided the opportunity to inform the course provider, if they are eager to re-sit instead of accept successful grade or result.
Hence, for NEBOSH international diploma certificates, two month turnaround is required for issuing certificates before EAR end process (which is to apply thirty days and for processing forty working days).
Most of the NEBOSH International diploma How to pass NEBOSH International Diploma students often confused about “Passing strategies of NEBOSH Diploma examinations".
NEBOSH Have not set any Criteria for taking an NEBOSH IDIP, anyone can choose, but make sure before you are selecting your NEBOSH IDIP with any course provider (Whether they are accredited with NEBOSH Courses in Chennai).
Not necessary, even fresher’s can apply for NEBOSH IGC and NEBOSH international diploma.
Yes, Guidance for UNIT DNI (practical assessment) is provided under the course class sessions after enrolling.
After the guidance class sessions the candidate can approach their trainers to clarify their questions.
30-40 days of class training is provided after enrollment in the course.
The key lessons covered in this qualification are:
Management of health and safety at work
The Key legal frameworks for health and safety in the UK, including the key elements of health and safety systems
The identification and control of risk associated with hazardous agents, workplace issues and equipment
Management of stress at work
The importance of human factors in reducing incidents
The practical assessment part (UNIT DNI) covers the practical skills that are essential to health and safety professionals. It assesses a learner's ability to apply their skills and knowledge and deliver positive change throughout the workplace

⦁ Results for UNIT A, UNIT B, UNIT C, will be announced 45 days after every UNIT exam date.
⦁ Certificate for each unit after passing the exams will be provided after 20 days of result announcement date.
⦁ Results for UNIT DNI (practical assessment) will be announced after 12 weeks from the date of submission of the practical assessment.
Yes, if passed in the NEBOSH diploma you are able to enroll for GradIOSH and also be eligible for CMIOSH which is the next highest qualification for occupational health and safety.

⦁ NEBOSH International Diploma exams are conducted twice every year.
⦁ The enrolled candidates can only register through a learning partner.
⦁ Please note that all individual exam places must be registered at least six 6 weeks prior to the exam date.
⦁ Registration dates will be announced through the learning partners to the candidates.

Exam & Training schedule 


  • Unit IA: International management of health and safety Element
  • Unit IB: International control of hazardous agents in the workplace
  • Unit IC: International workplace and work equipment safety
  • Unit ID: Application of international health and safety theory and practice

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