Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma in OHSM

The Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management is intended to offer learners the required expertise to start a career as a Health and Safety Manager and also provides a sound basis for headway to postgraduate study. The International Diploma course is to provide a career path for learners who wish to develop their skill proficiency and competency within the HSE sector. The recognized UK qualification is for learners to develop the required skills and knowledge by the global level organisations and industries.


Entry Criteria

The qualification requires the learners to have demonstrable experience in health and safety in a workplace. To qualify for this, the learners should meet any of the minimum qualifications listed below:

  • A minimum of a Level 6 qualification in a European Safety Council course or in a related sector (or)
  • A Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (or)
  • A Master’s Degree in Engineering (or)
  • A minimum of three years of managerial work experience demonstrating current and relevant industry knowledge (or)
  • NVQ Diploma Level 6 (or)
  • European Safety Council’s Int Diploma in HSE endorsed by Qualifi (or)
  • NEBOSH International Diploma

Significantly experienced individuals with a lack of formal qualifications may be considered in certain circumstances, which is purely subject to interview and they being able to demonstrate their ability to cope with the course’s demands.

Course Details of Level 7 Int'l Dip in OHSM

The level 7 International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management is a recognized UK qualification specifically designed for job aspirants in the safety and health industry. This International Diploma course is for the learners who will be held responsible for developing and implementing health and safety procedures in an organisation on a daily basis.

The Ofqual UK fully regulates the Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma course. The RQF - Regulated Qualifications Framework; encompasses all the qualifications regulated by Ofqual UK. Therefore, this International Diploma is an RQF Level 7 Qualification.

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF), which incorporates both RQF and SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework) has eight levels, just like RQF. In European Nations, RQF Level 7 Qualification is ranked as EQF Level 7 Qualification when both frameworks are compared.


Units Involved

This qualification is divided into four units. They are as follows:

  • Management-Driven, Risk-Based Safety Management Systems
  • Globalization, Sustainability and Safety Culture Performance
  • Digitalization and Incident Investigation
  • Development as a Strategic Manager

Mode of Study

The learning modes of this course are as follows:

  • Regular
  • Online

Extensive Learning Options

We offer learning options like class-room based learning as well as online learning. The learners can choose whichever mode of learning they prefer and find the most effective to them.

Credit Points Of The Qualification

The Diploma awards 60 Credit Points for Four Units through Assessments.

  • Guided Learning Hours: 210
  • Total Qualifying Time: 600

Course Duration

The course duration is for 18 months and you may opt to submit the modules within this time frame. As and when you finish a module, you may submit it for the Assessor review.


Learning Outcomes

The overall important learning outcomes of this International Diploma are:

  • To apply and make a critical analysis of different implementation standards of Occupational Health and Safety Management.
  • To assess the role of strategic leadership in risk management.
  • To examine the impact of globalization in an organisation’s safety culture.
  • To comprehend and implement the principles of sustainability in safety sector.
  • To review problem-solving techniques that are specific to risk assessment.
  • To manage strategic risks in organisation health and safety domain.
  • To assess the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in occupational health and safety risk management.
  • To evaluate risk control measures from a wide range of hazards.

Assessment Guidelines of this International Diploma

The major assessment guidelines of this qualification are as follows:

  • The learners can attempt the four modules at the comfort of their workstation, like using a laptop. The Four module submissions are accepted electronically via email.
  • The learners can work on any module they choose. They must submit only one module at a time.
  • The learners can conduct researches, apply their intelligence and provide answers accordingly.
  • The learners must avoid copy-pasting answers from the internet or any other sources of information, doing so will be considered plagiarism. You are allowed to refer and combine information from various sources, but do ensure that your answers are only based on your individual understanding. And always do remember to mention the references at the end of each answer.
  • The learners are recommended to check the uniqueness of their content (answers) in any online website like Turnitin. The expected content uniqueness is 85% and please ensure to attach the report along with each module.
  • The learners will submit the completed modules to the Assessor. And the Assessor will provide you with feedback if a need arises to fill any gaps. Since the review is a recurring process, only when your work meets the assessment guidelines, the Assessor will approve your module. And this is how a learner will progress in this qualification.

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