NEBOSH International General Certificate

NEBOSH IGC preferred qualification for employers

Attending HSE job interviews requires completion of the NEBOSH IGC course. In any core industry that deals with basic safety standards, the NEBOSH IGC qualification is now a preferred qualification for Safety Officer or HSE Specialist job roles, according to all recruiting agencies. Globally, the NEBOSH IGC is well-known, which boosts your chances of landing international opportunities especially in Gulf countries, UK and Canada. This is where Redhat Safety plays a major role by enabling students to network in social media with many HSE professionals and be aware of the sector job trends and develop references to guide you and help you in your job.

NEBOSH IGC Course Features


NEBOSH International General Certificate


13 Days

Training Mode





Intermediate / Level 3





Batch Mode

Morning / Evening

Exam Type

OBE - Remote Exam

Key skills acquired after completing NEBOSH IGC course

After studying the NEBOSH IGC course, you will be able to make a real difference in your role as a safety officer, safety specialist and so on. 95% of the employers look for these skills when they want to select you for an HSE safety job, hence register in the NEBOSH IGC course training course soon.
Important skills acquired and also improved after completing the NEBOSH IGC course are given below:

Undertake risk assessments and perform challenging health and safety assignments in your job. Since NEBOSH IGC course training is mainly based on imparting job-oriented skills, you will be able to perform risk assessments for various scenarios at the workplace.

Prepare reports about Occupational Health and Safety performance at the workplace and present them to top-level management including directors, leaders and CEO. This is possible since the NEBOSH IGC course emphasizes reports preparation as one of the core learning outcomes in NEBOSH IGC syllabus.

The NEBOSH IGC course provides a bird level view of the health and safety laws and hence prepares the learners to handle legal and regulatory issues in the organization.

Propagate the occupational health and safety vision to each worker in the health and safety. This is a fundamental learning component of the NEBOSH IGC course training and ensures that the learners clearly understand the significance and criticality of communicating the health and safety vision to its workers in the organization.

Overall increased capability to work amongst any suite of OHS specialist professionals since the wealth of knowledge you possess after completing NEBOSH IGC course training will make you a world-class safety specialist.

Benefits of studying NEBOSH IGC course

Benefits gained from studying Nebosh IGC are as follows:

  • Increase in Competency development of the student in occupational health and safety
  • Increased global employability rate of up to 90% in safety domain
  • Gain real-time risk assessment experience by assessing various scenarios at workplaces
  • Assured Career Progression since employers consider this as a continuous professional development program.

Extensive training formats for NEBOSH IGC course

Are you worried that the NEBOSH IGC course training has started and you missed enrolling in the ongoing NEBOSH IGC course training batch?
We offer NEBOSH IGC course training in different formats of training and a variety of batches. Our online training, classroom training and bridge training prepares you easily for the missed classes and put you in the main training batch. So, students can start training any day and never miss a batch.

Course Fees is INR 37,000 a very affordable price for high-quality training.


NEBOSH IGC Training Duration

It usually takes 12 to 15 days to complete the Nebosh IGC training. The number of days varies depending on the training format like classroom training, online training and eLearning.

Classroom Training

12 to 15 Days

Online Training

15 to 20 Days

Smart Tips to Pass NEBOSH IGC Exam in the first attempt

Learners usually believe that Nebosh examinations such as Nebosh Diploma and Nebosh IGC are hard to pass but the reality is, these exams are easy to pass since the exam pattern is based on workplace scenario questions where the learner has to apply their knowledge and experience to meet the assessment criteria of the exam. Understanding the scenario and answering according to the context of the scenario is important to easily pass the Nebosh exam.

Learners can clear the Nebosh IGC exam by studying with an accredited learning partner like Redhat Safety.

  • Attend the training of Nebosh IGC completely
  • Attempt mock tests periodically and,
  • Do your revisions properly to clear the Nebosh IGC exam easily
  • Also, ensure you have hands-on references and online software to check plagiarism of your answers
  • Write the answers in your own style of writing instead of copy-pasting the answers from the web in order to clear the Nebosh IGC exam in the first attempt.

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