NEBOSH IGC Old Syllabus and New Syllabus

By integrating important practical knowledge and skillsets required by managers who are responsible for health and safety, as well as making senior-level postings and qualifications career-oriented, NEBOSH has made the certification suitable to a wide range of work roles, with the new IGC study pattern.

In today's circumstances, the old study pattern comprised advanced technical knowledge that was above the required industrial level and therefore it is unnecessary. And also, the study language English has been revised and made easier by eliminating difficult terms, wherever possible.

The restructured syllabus is simple and easy to understand for the learners, who can now quickly use their newly gained knowledge and skills in a real workplace. The remodelled IGC study pattern can assist students in swiftly grasping key concepts and applying them in a variety of work settings.


New Syllabus Module for NEBOSH IGC

The new syllabus module for the NEBOSH IGC Course includes two units:

  • IG1 - Management of Health and Safety
  • IG2 - Risk Assessment

This new syllabus module provides a wide range of benefits for employees and organisations, including the ability to recognise and control workplace health and safety issues through advanced preventive measures and proper justification of risk factors based on international HSE principles and regulations.

A New Mode of Assessment for NEBOSH IGC

In addition to the new study pattern, the NEBOSH has launched an "Open Book Examination" (OBE) administered via an online platform as a new mode of assessment for the NEBOSH International General Certificate qualification. The learners can refer to their course materials and e-books during this examination, but the answer must be written in their own words based on their health and safety knowledge.


Techniques to pass NEBOSH IGC

Techniques to pass the Nebosh IGC exam in the first go are as follows:

  • Prepare mind maps for Nebosh IGC course content
  • Prepare mind maps for Nebosh IGC course content
  • Practice mock test for Nebosh IGC theory exam
  • Revise the repeated questions in Nebosh IGC theory exam
  • Keep quality online references ready before the exam
  • Get trained in online plagiarism checker software to assist in writing unique answers
  • Do not panic during the exam
New Syllabus Summary

Unit IG1 - Management of Health & Safety

Element Tuition Hours Self-Study Hours Assessment
Why we should manage workplace health and safety 3 20 Open book examination (OBE)
How health and safety management systems work and what they look like 2
Managing risk – understanding people andprocesses 14
Health and safety monitoring and measuring 7

Unit IG2 - Risk Assessment

Element Tuition Hours Self-Study Hours Assessment
Physical and psychological health 7 20 Practical assessment
Musculoskeletal health 6
Chemical and biological agents 6
General workplace issues 10
Work equipment 5
Fire 3
Electricity 2
Old Syllabus Summary

Unit IGC1 - Management of international health and safety

Element Tuition Hours Self-Study Hours Assessment
Foundations in health and safety 7 23 A two-hour written examination
Health and safety management systems – Plan 3
Health and safety management systems – Do 17
Health and safety management systems – Check 5
Health and safety management systems - Act 4

Unit GC2 - Controlling workplace hazards

Element Tuition Hours Self-Study Hours Assessment
Workplace hazards and risk control 8 26 A two-hour written examination
Transport hazards and risk control 4
Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control 6
Work equipment hazards and risk control 6
Electrical safety 3
Fire safety 6
Chemical and biological health hazards and risk control 6
Physical and psychological health hazards and risk control 3

Unit GC3 - Health and safety practical application

Element Tuition Hours Self-Study Hours Assessment
Health and safety practical application 2 4 A practical assessment

Points to be noted

  • The learners who completed part units on the previous syllabus WILL NOT be able to transfer to the new syllabus or get a waiver on the new syllabus.
  • The credit points earned under the previous syllabus are not transferable to the new syllabus.
  • If a student decides to drop the previous syllabus in favour of the new syllabus, this will be treated as new student registrationand both units (IG1 and IG2) must be completed.
  • The NEBOSH has terminated the use of command words in NEBOSH IGC examinations.

Nebosh IGC is not equivalent to a degree since it offers only 12 credits on the SCQF framework. Nebosh IGC should offer 180 credits to be considered as a degree. Nebosh IGC is a certificate level vocational qualification and has global significance.

If you require additional information, please contact us

The learners who intend to complete the NEBOSH IGC course and require additional information on the new study pattern and assessment methods may contact REDHAT SAFETY by calling us directly, filling out the available enquiry form on our websiteor sending us an email addressing your concerns.

We are always available to help you select the best course for you.

  • Qualification
    NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Duration
    13 Days
  • Training Mode
  • Board
  • Level
    Intermediate / Level 3
  • Language
  • Fees
  • Prerequisites
    None, however pursuing IOSH MS, HSW would be an added advantage
  • Batch Mode
    Morning / Evening
  • Exam Type
    OBE - Remote Exam
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