A Complete Guide for Learners

Introduction to NEBOSH IGC Open Book Examination (OBE)

The NEBOSH has introduced a new format of assessment for the NEBOSH International General Certificate, namely an online "Open Book Examination". This assessment will be presented with a scenario that depicts a realistic workplace and situation. Then, you'll be required to complete a series of tasks using the evidence presented in the scenario as well as the knowledge you've obtained from your studies and revision. Following the online OBE evaluation, the Learning Partner or the Safety Training Institute (Redhat Safety Chennai) will conduct a closing interview to check that the materials presented were completed by him/herself during the test session. In addition to that, the interviewer may ask you some questions on the topic.

What is an Open Book Examination?

NEBOSH open book exam (OBE) allows you to complete your NEBOSH assessment on your own, usually in the comfort of your home or another secure and suitable place where you can concentrate. You can use notes, textbooks, learning materials and online resources to assist you during the open book examination. It's vital to remember that copying and pasting from a textbook or an internet resource won't get you a decent answer; you'll need to comprehend the topic thoroughly and apply your knowledge to the scenario presented in the question paper

What are the skills assessed?

Expect to see questions like "What?", "Could?", “How?”, “Why?” and “Where?”. The examiners will be looking for you to display analytical, assessment & creative abilities, as well as the skill of analysing and assessing information objectively, in order to measure not only what you know but also what you can accomplish with that knowledge. Whatever structure the question takes, it will be only related to your qualification's syllabus and learning outcomes.

Difference between NEBOSH OBE and Paper-Based Examination

A NEBOSH open book exam can evaluate the same learning outcomes and assessment criteria as invigilated paper-based examination. Unlike a closed book examination, however, you will have access to textbooks, notes and any other digital resources. The NEBOSH OBEassesses your ability to extract and apply relevant knowledge also organise it in order to answer the question asked.

In the past, NEBOSH IGC paper-based examinations were:
  • invigilated, handwritten assessments
  • sat under timed conditions
  • sat at an assessment venue where several learners took the same assessment at the same time.
While taking a NEBOSH IGC open book examination:
  • you will be able to access your textbooks, notes and any other digital resources
  • you will be able to sit the assessment remotely on your own, usually in your own home.

How can I best prepare for NEBOSH IGC Open Book Examination?

Take advantage of all available teaching and assistance by working with your instructor or tutor at the Safety Training Institute or the Learning Partner (Redhat Safety Chennai). Adhere to their revision and preparation suggestions. This will entail the following:

  • revising your course materials
  • double-checking that you understand all of the learning outcomes (given in the NEBOSH IGC qualification specification on our website's NEBOSH IGC course page)
  • doing more in-depth research to see how your studies relate to the real world.

We propose that you perform wider reading as part of your preparations so that you are not required to do so during the assessment. You should be able to concentrate on the scenario and the questions being asked, as well as swiftly retrieve appropriate information. To do so, you must be familiar with your notes and organise them ahead of time so that you can quickly find anything you need during the examination.

Guidelines to Pass NEBOSH Open Book Exam (OBE) easily

Nebosh Open book exam (OBE) is an easy to do format for any kind of learner. The open book exam questions are based on workplace scenarios. So, learners have to clearly understand the scenario and put effort into answering the scenario questions in their own style of writing without simply copying the answers from the internet. Learners should not take the open book exam format for granted thinking they can refer to online resources but understand that the open book exam requires ample preparation in order to pass the exam. We suggest that you practice with the sample paper available on the NEBOSH website.


NEBOSH Open Book Exam Duration

The NEBOSH has permitted candidates 24 hours’ time to submit the OBE assessment. They can make good use of that stipulated time to grasp the question, refer to course materials and provide a suitable answer or they can also complete the exam within 4 to 5 hours.

Keep in mind that the exam timing is based on the British Standard Time (BST). The exam starts at 9 a.m. BST; the candidates should be aware of their local time and submit their answers within 24 hours from 9 a.m. BST.


When will I get my results of NEBOSH IGC Open Book Examination?

The results will be sent to the email address on your learner record within 50 working days after the examination date.

If there are any technical difficulties downloading your answer paper, it is recommended that you preserve a copy of your original submission until your results are announced.