An incident investigation is required, whether if it is a true incident or a near miss. Investigations indicate the effectiveness of hazard control and help to avert serious incidents. The organisations constantly learn from such investigation reports, so the importance of such incident reports has grown.

The NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Great Britain’s Health and Safety Regulator, have jointly developed a new one-day certification that demonstrates how non-complex incidents can be investigated effectively and efficiently. Organizations can avoid similar incidents occurring in the future by learning from past mistakes and making improvements.



The NEBOSH Incident Investigation course will educate you on how to investigate an incident effectively and efficiently by discovering the root cause. The learners will learn how to conduct an accident investigation and develop an action plan. They will be able to contribute to large-scale incident investigations as part of a team. This course will teach you how to investigate non-complex incidents and equip you with effective incident investigation techniques.

Entry Criteria

There are no entry requirements for this NEBOSH course, but it is advised that the learners should have a basic knowledge about health and safety issues, and many will have achieved another NEBOSH certification.
It is also important that the learners have an appropriate standard of English language in order to comprehend and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus.
The NEBOSH advises that the learners pursuing this certification should have a minimum level of English equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.0 or higher in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) tests.

Topics Involved

The one-day NEBOSH Incident Investigation certification course covers the following topics:

Moral, legal and financial arguments for investigations

Human and organisational factors that can contribute to an incident

The process for investigating incidents

Positive interview strategies and the barriers to successful interviews

Assessment Specifications

Face-to-face, distance learning, in-company training, and eLearning are all options for study. Have you found that one method of learning has been more effective for you in the past?

  • Registration

    The learners must be registered before they can take an assessment and all the assessment registrations must be completed by an accredited learning partner.

  • Dates

    All the assessments are held on a date chosen by the students’ learning partner. For more information, the learners should contact them.

  • Results

    The learners will receive their results within 24 working days of sitting the assessments. Once achieved a pass, a qualification parchment will be issued. This is usually within 40 working days of the successful unit's confirmation.


Benefits of The NEBOSH Certification in Incident Investigation

The NEBOSH Incident Investigation certification is internationally recognised and provides a solid foundation for a career in occupational health and safety around the globe. The learners will gain an in-depth understanding of incident reporting procedures as well as key concepts of root cause analysis through NEBOSH Incident Investigation training, allowing them to gain a thorough grasp of how the NEBOSH Incident Investigation Process can prevent future disastrous incidents.

Learning Outcomes

This qualification is appropriate for anyone who wants to conduct effective and efficient incident investigations, such as supervisors, employers, safety champions, union and safety representatives. The learners attending the course will enable them:

  • To independently investigate simple incidents
  • To gather evidence including conducting witness interviews
  • To produce an action plan to prevent recurrence as well as reoccurrence of an incident
  • To contribute to team investigations for large scale incidents
  • To positively impact the safety culture in an organisation

Employers’ Benefits

The employers will gain several benefits from allowing their staff to take this qualification, which includes:

  • Drives down repeated incidents – learn lessons from past mistakes so it doesn’t happen again
  • Increased confidence that your organisation’s approach to investigations is robust
  • Improved safety culture by encouraging a proactive approach to incident investigation
  • Build in-company expertise
  • An effective and efficient approach to incident investigations that reflect best practice

SQA Accreditation for NEBOSH Incident Investigation Course

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has accredited and credit rated the NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Investigation course. It comes in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at SCQF Level 6 with 1 credit point.

The SCQF Level 6 is comparable to RQF or Credit and Qualifications Framework (CQFW) Level 3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The SQA accreditation logo will appear where appropriate on certificates awarded for this qualification. On the unit result notification, the SCQF logo, credit and level information will appear. The learners may visit the SCQF website for further information on credit and levels.


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